Lewisham Council is consulting on the temporary school site

A document is in circulation to consult on the temporary site for the school that Lewisham Council wants to put permanently on the site now occupied by the Ladywell Leisure Centre.

It would take three websites to comment on this document, we’ll go into it deeper in the next days. What most matter to us is a long and irritating paragraph entitled, ‘Background’.

Here the council mostly tries to justify its decision telling us things like “finding a suitable site in the right location has been very difficult” and omitting to mention the important bits:

  • they didn’t consult anybody on the dismissal of the Ladywell Leisure Centre
  • they didn’t make any study on the impact of the closure of it 
  • once the Centre is dismissed there will be no swimming provision or indoor sport facility available for most of Lewisham for many years to come.

One line of this paragraph says “the decision on the closure of the Leisure Centre was taken in the knowledge that the Lewisham Gateway scheme, providing a new ‘state-of-the-art’ swimming pool and leisure centre in central Lewisham, is now a certainty”

As a measure of the credibility of the Council, let’s remember what Mayor Bullock wrote just one year ago:

“As long as I am mayor there will be a top class swimming facility in the centre of our borough and I am looking forward to being the first person into the pool when it re-opens.”

That sounds quite like a certainty.

We advise everybody taking part to this consultation to use this form to protest about this plan of the Council.

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