Down Pillows – Are They Free From Allergies?

Cushions that are filled with down are called down pillows and are desired after for their real softness and ability to preserve their supportive properties, known as loft; and their insulating properties. There are basically two types of down employed by pillow manufacturers: Goose Down and Sweet Down.

So what on earth is Down?

Straight down is the small very soft cluster of fibers that are found beneath the outer feathers of wild birds. It can be used to insulate and protect their body and neck area. The moment used as a cushion fill, the tuft of down which gives the illusion of depth, has the ability to come back to its original condition after being compressed, and provides the functions of capturing hot air by means of interlocking units of fine fibres. Thus, pillows filled with down has the same characteristics that keeps warm air near the best down pillows, which makes them feel very cosy.


To some individuals owning and sleeping on goose down pillows can cause an allergic response, particularly if one is asthmatic or has some kind of respiratory problem. Watery eyes, itchy pores and skin and sneezing mention just a few are also common amidst allergy affected individuals. It is not the down itself that triggers these allergy reactions but the brake dust debris left on the down following the washing and sterilisation process conducted by the pillow manufacturers.

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